WPA is Work & People Analytics.

WPA provides powerful, organizational intelligence on how people work and perform. It is the only fully visual analytics platform to diagnose and align your human capital and their work behaviors with organizational strategic initiatives.

Kevin Schlueter, President WPA NA

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Take a look at our videos for the best introduction to WPA

Please take a look at these introductory videos we made explaining the benefits of WPA.

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WPA value:

Employee engagement

People centric approach to collecting organizational intelligence so leadership can remove roadblocks.

Enhance Culture

Gain true insight into how the organization is perceived, and the shift desired to improve work for the future.

Eliminate Waste

Identify and target real waste and costs that can be reduced in the eyes of those it impacts, your people, so they can work smarter and not harder.

Optimize Work

Work processes and workflows are visually moddeled, so leadership is able to optimize people and work and eliminate bottlenecks.

Strategic Alignment

Ensure alignment of structure, strategy, and people to achieve objectives.


Achive top & bottom line results through performance metrics, productivity improvement, and focused resources.

Simple, Easy, Fast

Turn 20 minutes of knowledge workers’ time into business value. Immediately actionable dashboard aids leadership in changes that don’t require scientists, large investment, or long development time.

Proven Methodology

Visual modeling of your organisation’s self reported details leads to improved decisions based on sound insights.

Talent War

Increase retention and enhance retraction through people centered practices.

WPA’s clients are leading companies worldwide, including:

Du Pont

WPA is a global solution with a strong representation in North America and Northern Europe. WWW.WPANA.COM